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Privata Collection

The below collection has been seen most recently on the red carpet of the 2018 TV Week Logie Awards.

Privata Stories

Miranda's Gown


This gown was designed for Miranda Tapsell for the 2018 TV Week Logie Awards. I wanted to create something in our signature brand colours black and baker miller pink for Miranda that was both edge and elegant so opted to use a tri-acetate fabric that have a beautiful drape to make a statement!

Where it begins


Quiet mornings on the cutting table. The magic starts with an idea that is developed on this table and then makes it to the red carpet.

Stay tuned!


Finding a location for our Privata mannequin campaign wasn’t hard ... In the bunker!

Silk. Silk. Silk.


It’s all in the fabric. Silk satin ready to be cut and crafted into a gown for the red carpet.