About Daniel Avakian

Daniel AVAKIAN has built an international reputation based on on-trend / fashion forward creatively styled mens and womens apparel supported by impeccable fit and world’s best fabric and garment construction quality.

As a celebrated graduate of Australia’s Whitehouse Institute of Design and a Masters of Fashion graduate of world acclaimed Accademia Italiana Arte Della Moda Design Institute in Florence Italy, Daniel AVAKIAN continued to hone his skills and build his reputation by working with well known design houses in Europe and United Kingdom before moving back to Australia in 2006 with the desire and determination to disrupt the stuffy traditional world of Australian fashion market/s with elegant, comfortable, and commercial custom couture and tailored garment creations.

“I believe every man or woman should be able to access custom clothing that is sustainably sourced, ethically produced, perfectly fitted, reasonably priced, and that make the wearer look and feel amazing.” - Daniel Avakian, founder and creative director

Executed through a selection of carefully curated wardrobe staples;

Impeccable tailoring, contemporary design, amazing fabrics and vibrant colours remain the hallmarks of the Daniel AVAKIAN brand.

Daniel AVAKIAN’s restrained approach to design, with a focus on luxe tailoring and streamlined silhouettes has seen the brand work closely with celebrity clientele and key fashion identities including;

Goodrem, Jennifer Hawkins, Erin Holland, Laura Dundovic, Carmen Hamilton and Margaret Zhang. With ahead-of-the-curb designs and a forward thinking approach to fashion, the brand continues to attract new generation celebrities and fashion influencers across Australia.