How we use 3D Body Scanning to provide you custom luxury

It is estimated that up to half of the clothes bought online are returned to the seller, frequently because they are the wrong size. This costs sellers millions of dollars in extra shipping costs and warehouse fees, putting a dent into their profits. It also frustrates many of those buying the clothes.

“The problem is to being able to provide custom sizing with luxury quality - that is fast and reliable for shoppers. The new DA provides the solution.” says Daniel Avakian

Our solution makes use of simple and inexpensive apps like the ones listed below. These take precise body measurements and create a visual avatar, which is then stored online. This data can be made accessible to your order to help us make you the perfect size garment, made to order for you.

3D Body scanning means we can take your full body measurements from 2 simple photos.

Measure in your home or at one the many mPort locations around Australia.

1. Download our partner 3D Body Scanning App

Scan and measure with a mobile app based scanner, all from the comfort and privacy of your own home. Take three simple photos and the app will take care of the rest.


2. Visit an mPort 3D Scanning Pod

Scan and measure with state of the art 3d body scanner pods located in shopping centres all around Australia.


3. Enter your measurements at checkout

Enter your measurements at checkout and let our technology do the rest. 
All you need is a tape measure. Please note if you are submitting your own measurements we can't guarantee the fit unless you are using one of our technology partners.

4. Ordering and submitting your measurements to DA

Simply choose the garments you want from the DA range and once you have completed the checkout process you will be asked to supply your measurements via one of the above methods.

We then take the hundreds of data points from the 3D body scan to ensure the garment will fit you 100% perfectly.

If you don't have an iPhone or can't get to a mPort location - then you can submit your measurements manually, however we won't be able to provide a fit guarantee